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In April 2012, Phil Weiss and Warren Allen hosted the BLIP Legal Hackathon, an event that would prove foundational for the Legal Hackers community. At the event, the organizers defined a powerful mission statement:

“The goal is to morph and evolve the law on one hand to better serve technologists, enterprises and society, but also harness technology so that lawyers can better service their clients.”

Understood in this way, “Legal Hackers” is about more than simply using computers to improve the law; it is also about fundamentally shifting what it means to “think like a lawyer.” This mission has remained a guiding light for the growing Legal Hackers community from that moment through today.

Over the last two and half years, those who attended the 2012 BLIP Legal Hackathon have gone on to organize large thriving community groups of Legal Hackers. Since 2012, NY Legal Hackers... Read More »